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About Sidr Honey

Our History and Background

Sidr honey is a very rare honey produced mainly in Yemen, which is located in the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, and in the arid area of ​​northern Pakistan. Honey has a unique scent and a strong sweetness, and it is prized as the rarest and most expensive honey in Islamic countries.

Organic honey in the dry area where there is no concern about pesticides, pollution, or antibiotics.

What's Sidr

Sidr is a tree of the genus Date family of the buckthorn family and belongs to the jujube tree of Japan. Since Sanebuto jujube (the original species of jujube) is in the Japanese pharmacy as Jin Soju, it has been used for maintaining health in Japan since ancient times. In the Arab and Islamic countries, Sidr is recognized as a special plant as described in the Quran, and has been used for a long time from leaf to root (leaf is shampoo, resin oil is deodorant, fruit is a nutritious food, and the roots and bark are nourishing and tonic).

Our Sidr Honey


The Sidr Honey, which is obtained from the sider (called as a "sacred tree") has excellent beauty and health effects, and is attracting attention as an antibacterial honey, which is a natural material alongside Manuka honey. It is said that "If you eat 3 capsules a day, you will not get old“. While maintaining the original nutrition of the sider, the sider honey produced without heating contains plenty of mineral components and enzymes necessary for the body. Arab women love sider honey for beauty and health because it can improve anemia, menstrual irregularities, and anti-oxidant effects on the skin.

Beneficial Effects

  • Antioxidants help prevent cancer
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Bone, skin, gums, tooth quality improvement
  • Maintains and improves eyesight because it contains substances called carotenoids
  • Regulation of blood cholesterol level
  • Diabetes prevention
  • Stimulates blood circulation in the body and promotes iron absorption
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs help improve stomach upset
  • Improvement of arthritis
  • Improvement of sinusitis
  • Improving reproductive function such as ED (erectile dysfunction)
  • Adjust menstruation

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